KnowThings and Capstone Metering Partner

PLANO, Texas, July 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Capstone Metering, a provider of IntelliH2O, the first intelligent water meter for residential use, today announced their partnership with KnowThings to enhance their Metering DevOps platform toolkit by integrating the KnowThings IoT simulation tool. is a CA Technologies Accelerator startup project that uses patented technologies to help developers build advanced virtual devices to test at scale for integration and performance.

This partnership allows Capstone Metering to bring an unprecedented value to global water industries by effectively managing, controlling, and conserving water through their IntelliH2O water meter. The new solution will enable Capstone to provide a more robust offering to their customers.

“The capabilities provided by KnowThings are critical to growing our platform,” said Jim Williamson, VP of Engineering, Capstone Metering. “A combined solution using KnowThings will empower IoT development teams to build advanced virtual device prototypes and early-stage test and development scenarios with realistic data to bring their ideas to fruition faster and at a lower cost.”

KnowThings’ IoT virtualizer, is a self-learning simulation testing tool that helps accelerate IoT solution software development. Based on its patented service virtualization algorithms and machine learning technology, the KnowThings IoT virtualizer can quickly learn the network interaction and communication patterns between IoT devices. Armed with this data, KnowThings easily handles test edge cases which would otherwise be difficult to test.

“We have a continuous integration/continuous delivery(CI/CD) platform that not only manages smart meters on the field, but also analyses it and presents it to the user,” said Matt Ouille, director of IoT engineering at Capstone Metering. “We wanted to truly simulate our device information, without requiring us to build time consuming schemas to test out our ideas. With that data, we could learn not only how our platform reacts but also learn how our devices would fail. This is where KnowThings fits into the existing DevOps tooling that we provide to our customers today.”

“KnowThings’ IoT data simulation helps DevOps teams accelerate their production environments at-scale, from day one,” said Anand Kameswaran, Founder, “With our ability to generate realistic synthetic data for various scenarios, we are able to derisk our customer investments from early stage prototype all the way through to commercial production of their IoT solutions.”

To learn more, visit for additional information. KnowThings also has an Early Adopter Program and is welcoming active participation.


Founded in 2006 by a team of individuals rich in wireless technology coupled with a solid background in water industry experience, Capstone’s roots lie in the development of remote, distributed wireless communications networks for the Department of Defense. Capstone Metering was created to further enhance the research and development of metering products, and to further protect the patent rights. For more information, visit

ABOUT KNOWTHINGS.IO is a CA Technologies accelerator. It builds KnowThings, an IoT simulation tool, using patented technologies to help developers build advanced virtual devices to test at scale for integrations, and performance. KnowThings generates realistic data to help bring your ideas to market faster, at a lower cost. For more information, visit

Media Contact: Neal Leavitt, (760) 639-2900,

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