Capstone Metering's waste water solutions are industry-leading and cutting edge to help treatment plat operators more effectively manage their facilities.


An automated, solar-powered, microbial monitoring system for the collection and transmission of real-time data to a cloud-based platform.  

  • Monitor contamination events in real-time.
  • Be alerted and respond before changes affect later process stages.
  • Each contamination event can cost$10k-$20k

  • MiProbE alerts users when signals from plant deviate from normal levels
  • Warnings can be set for BOD, oxygen levels and toxic events
  • Users can easily set normal and alert levels  
  • Operators of package plants can reduce financial impacts of adverse events
  • Customers can save $20K-$50K/year – based on one to two significant events per year

Sensor Technology Comparison

*Optical UV 254 sensors cannot detect compounds without double carbon bonds such as ammonia, simple sugars, etc.,while Turbidity sensors cannot detect clear liquids and are affected by silts/minerals

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